Our Company

A Message From the President

Since our company was established in 1999, we have specialized in technology for ultra-precision machining and the microfabrication of hard materials, such as tungsten carbide, ceramics, and diamonds.


While meeting the demand for the microminiaturization and creation of ultraprecise advanced technology products for optical communication and automobiles, information appliances, semiconductors, and measuring equipment, we also attain a micron, sub-micron, and nanolevel degree of accuracy.


Currently, globalization is causing Japan's manufacturing industry to undergo enormous structural changes, with companies manufacturing goods overseas, and increased competition with south east Asia.


At Sanwa Creation, we believe that while improving technology is important when developing products, we also need to consider what our aims and intentions are, and how the customer will feel when using our products.


Our company has also expanded our range of products into the field of health and preventative medicine.


We believe that structural changes in manufacturing present us with an opportunity to not become caught up in the field we currently work in, but to think about what customers want, and what we can provide for them.



Kenichiro Tezuka, CEO


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