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Environmental Policy

Environmental Principles

SANWA CREATION Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of conserving the global environment, will pursue business activity which is considerate of the environment, and will make every effort to decrease the burden on the environment.


Environmental Practice Policy

We are aware of the environmental impact that our business activity as a company which mainly uses tungsten carbide, ceramics and diamonds to manufacture precision components, high precision jigs and various types of precision pins has, and are working to protect the environment.

  1. We will manage chemical substances appropriately and take steps to reduce their use, while working to prevent pollution.
  2. We will reduce the amount of energy consumed, and do our part to conserve energy and take measures against global warming.
  3. We will strive to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste products, and fully utilize our resources.
  4. We will develop products which reduce the burden on the environment.
  5. We will follow 5S methodology (sorting, setting in order, sweeping (cleaning), standardizing, and sustain practices).
  6. All employees are aware of this written environmental policy, and it has also been released to the public.

Established on October 1st, 2007.


Kenichiro Tezuka, CEO

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