Privacy Policy

SANWA CREATION Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our company) is aware of the importance of personal information, and has a social responsibility to appropriately handle any personal information that it is entrusted with, and through this believes that it can contribute to the healthy development of society. Our company observes all laws and ordinances, guidelines, and standards established by the state concerning privacy protection, appropriately reviews our privacy protection management according to societal needs and changes, and continuously improves our privacy protection. We have established our privacy policy as stated below, and will carry out, maintain and improve this policy.


1. About This Policy


This policy dictates how our company will handle the personal information of customers.


2. About the Personal Information we Collect


Personal information refers to any and all information we receive through the management of this website, such as names (including furigana), addresses, telephone numbers (including cellphone numbers and fax numbers), e-mail addresses, and queries for our company.


3. Use of Personal Information


Our company will only use personal information obtained from our customers for product dispatch, answering queries, and other uses to which the customer consents.


4. Release of Personal Information to Third Parties

Our company will not release or provide any information to third parties, with the exception of the circumstances listed below.

(1) When it is necessary to provide customers with products, services, or information or resources regarding the aforementioned products and services.

(2) When a customer has requested the submission of products, services or information, and our company has deemed the sharing of personal information to be necessary for the aforementioned submission.

(3) When personal information is requested through laws and ordinances, or when it is necessary to protect the public interest.

(4) When personal information is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the customer, our company, or third parties.


5. Management of Personal Information


Our company will make every endeavor to prevent and rectify any leaks, loss, or damage of personal information, and will adopt necessary and appropriate security measures.


6. Compliance


Our company will observe all standards, such as private information protection laws, and other laws, and regulations, and work to protect our customer's privacy.


7. Reviews and Improvements


We will revise and improve this privacy policy according to the social climate.


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