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Green Sheet Cutters

Our green sheet cutters are used to cut green sheets used in multilayer ceramic chip capacitor manufacturing processes.

We have improved durability through the use of our own uniquely developed superfine-tungsten carbide MS series.


Material Properties

Superfine-tungsten carbide

Standard Diagram

Green Sheet Cutters: Standard diagram


T From 0.05 mm
18 to 27 mm
30 to 250 mm
Θ 8° to 40°


Comparison of cemented carbide materials

We recommend our MS series, which was created specifically for cutting green sheets.

When compared with materials used by other companies, our materials have a micro particle structure, which means that they are better at reducing minute chips.

Material Properties Particle size Hardness Transverse rupture strength Remarks
µm HRA kg/mm2
Competitor's 1.0 91.0 3.3 Made by another company
MS 2 0.6 91.5 3.5 Standard material for cutting green sheets
MS 4 0.5 92.5 3.6 Material with high abrasion resistance


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