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Category: Diamond Products (PCD products)

Diamond Work Rests (Diamond Blades)

Our diamond work rests are primarily used as work rests (blades) in centerless grinders. Our diamond blades (polycrystalline diamond blades) have been shown to have 300 times the abrasion resistance of cemented carbide blades. Therefore they need replacing less often.

The diamond parts can also be regrinded, replaced and repaired, and the base metal can be recycled.



Material Properties

Diamond (Polycrystalline diamond)


Please tell us your required dimensions and degree of accuracy.


Mass production centerless grinding of shafts, bearings, carbide drill ferrite, etc.


This is an introduction example of mass production centerless grinding of cemented carbide shafts for PCB drills.

The comparison centerless grinding was performed under the same processing conditions.

  Replacement cycle Total life
Cemented carbide work rest 10,000 pieces 140,000 pieces
Diamond work rest 3,000,000 pieces 9,000,000 pieces
Comparison data 300 times 64 times



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