Wellness Division

In October 2012 we established our Wellness Division. This division is focused on the development and distribution of preventative and alternative medicine products.

Over the thirteen years that our company has been working in manufacturing, we have established a good track record in technological development and quality control, and fostered reliability in our ultramodern automobile, semiconductor, communication, measuring equipment, and precision equipment technology.

One of our goals is to contribute to people's ability to live healthy, youthful lives, and we aim to provide reliable products at a reasonable price, through the synergy of medical-engineering cooperation and our past achievements.

In terms of medical-engineering cooperation, we are developing and distributing Coagresh, a mouthwash for oral health which utilizes tea catechins, in cooperation with Kanagawa Dental College. Furthermore, we are cooperating with Yasushi Yoshida, a preventative medicine expert and the director of Clinica Medica Tokyo, to develop and distribute Resveratrol +, an anti-aging product designed he designed.

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