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Resveratrol +

Resveratrol +


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Resveratrol is "Super Polyphenols", which are found in red wine and grape skin.

Resveratrol not only has strong antioxidant properties, it can also activate the sirtuin gene, commonly known as the longevity gene, without the need to restrict calories. This has attracted a lot of attention, has led to resveratrol being introduced in an NHK special, and is causing a stir in anti-aging circles.

Resveratrol + includes 160 mg of fermented polyphenol OPC and resveratrol, combined with coenzyme Q10, an enzyme which decreases in the body with age, B vitamins, and minerals such as zinc, selenium, and chromium.


Is anti-aging possible?


  Youthful Aging
  Canto Owen
  Is anti-aging possible?
  * Both Canto and Owen are 75 in monkey years.
  Canto Owen
Calorie intake Restricted (low fat diet) Not restricted
Daily calories 445 kcal 885 kcal
Longevity gene Activated Not activated


The composition of red wine extract

Our very carefully made red wine extract contains many OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidin), which are polyphenols particular to fermentation.

Furthermore, a large amount of the super polyphenol (resveratrol) particular to grapes is also included. These two components create beauty and health.

OPCs cannot be found in apples, berries, or other fruit.

The combination of resveratrol and OPCs is very important.


The Structure of t-Resveratrol

The Structure of t-Resveratrol


The composition of red wine extract

The composition of red wine extract




What is Resveratrol +?
Resveratrol + is a health supplement, designed to contain both anti-aging and healthy life expectancy extending properties. It can be used as aging care for people of all ages, not just the elderly.
What ingredients does Resveratrol + contain?
Trans-Resveratrol 20 mg: A strong antioxidant. OPC 160 mg: Fermented polyphenol extracted from grape skin, it has strong antioxidant (active oxygen scavenging) properties. Coenzyme Q10 inclusion complex 50 mg (coenzyme Q10 10 mg): Coenzyme Q10, which decreases with age, is treated so that it is not affected by stomach acid, so unprocessed coenzyme Q10 can be delivered to the intestines, the organs which gather nutrients for the body. (* The amounts shown are for 6 pills.)
When is the best time to take Resveratrol +?
Resveratrol + can be taken at any time of day. Choose a time which fits your lifestyle. Taking Resveratrol + on an empty stomach will not cause any problems, but we recommend that you take it after eating.
How long should I take Resveratrol + for?
The effects of supplements vary from person to person, but in general, we recommend taking it for around three months, while keeping an eye on your health. We recommend that you pay attention to your health yourself while taking Resveratrol +.
Are there any side effects?
Supplements are a kind of food, so they do not have side effects like regular medicine. However, like with food, occasionally the supplement may not be a good fit for your body. For people with food allergies or who are particularly sensitive, we recommend checking with your doctor, and to start with a small amount at first.



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