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Double One Tongue Cleaner

Double One Tongue Cleaner


Price: ¥525 (tax included)



A new sensation! The high performance Double One Tongue Cleaner

gently removes plaque from your tongue.



  • With its innovative smoother, the double sided tongue cleaner does not damage your tongue.
  • The looped fine nylon fibers of the tongue brush fit between the papillae on your tongue to effectively remove small bits of plaque.
  • These soft nylon fibers are kind to your delicate tongue, so tongue plaque can be removed when pressing down lightly. Try using it once, and you will be amazed at the amount of plaque that was on your tongue.
  • Developed jointly with Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences (Dysphagia Rehabilitation Division)


Using the Double One Tongue Cleaner

  1. Wet the Double One Tongue Cleaner, and shake off any excess water before use.
  2. Place the tongue cleaner on the surface of your tongue, and pull it from the back of your tongue to the front.
  3. Place the convex side against the surface of your tongue, and the concave side against the side of your tongue.


Safety and Hygiene

  • The handle is made of a resilient material which will not break if bent or accidentally hit against the side of the wash basin.
  • The brush has a plastic core, which soon dries when rinsed with water after use.
  • The brush can be sterilized in hot water, to ensure cleanliness.
    * It is heatproof between 80℃ and 100℃. (If it is submerged for a long time, the handle may become warped.)
  • The brush and the handle are made in one piece, so no adhesive is used, and there is no danger that the brush part will become detached and be swallowed. As this product is for oral use, we have taken particular care to ensure that it is safe.




What results will I be able to see?
Double One does not scrape the surface of the tongue, it traps plaque in the special soft nylon fibers. After pulling it down your tongue just one or two times, you can see the plaque on the surface of the brush.
I use a toothbrush to clean my tongue...
Your tongue is very delicate. Toothbrushes are designed to clean teeth, so they do not clean your tongue effectively, and can damage your tongue.
You may lose your sense of taste, and bacteria can enter the body where the tongue is damaged, so using a toothbrush is actually counterproductive.
Should I clean my tongue every day?
Use your tongue cleaner each time you brush your teeth, by wetting it, shaking off excess water, and softly cleaning your tongue. Cleaning your tongue every day keeps your tongue in peak condition.
How long can I use my Double One Tongue Cleaner for?
This varies from person to person, but if you are using the tongue cleaner every day, please replace it after one to two months.
What should I do to take care of my Double One Tongue Cleaner?
Rinse it with water. Occasionally clean it more thoroughly by dabbing toothpaste onto the tongue cleaner, and washing it in water. You can also sterilize it using hot water.
How should I use each side of the Double One Tongue Cleaner?
Use the convex side of the Double One to clean the surface of your tongue, and use the concave side to efficiently clean the sides of your tongue. Our customers say that the Double One provides a pleasant tongue cleaning experience.


Product Description

Name Double One

Handle: 183 mm long, 6 mm thick, 13 mm wide

Brush: 29 mm long, 13 mm thick, 29 mm wide


Handle: MBS plastic Brush: Special nylon

Weight Total weight: 10.5 g
Heatproof temperature Handle: 80℃ Brush: 200℃
Colors Blue, green, orange, pink


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