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Coagresh (Mouthwash)



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The herbal formula centered around tea leaf extracts

cleans the inside of your mouth and leaves you feeling refreshed.



  • The specially processed tea catechins absorb, condense, and remove fine proteins in your mouth that are difficult to remove with normal brushing, and leave you feeling invigorated.
  • You can see the results with your own eyes.
  • Made with natural ingredients, the mouthwash is mild, reliable and safe. Anybody can use it, from children to the elderly.
  • Developed in collaboration with Kanagawa Dental College


Using Coagresh

Using Coagresh



When should I use Coagresh?
As Coagresh is designed to be used regularly as part of your oral health routine, we recommend making a habit of using it when you brush your teeth.
Do I need to rinse my mouth after using Coagresh?
Although we recommend rinsing your mouth with water after using Coagresh, if you are in a hurry this is not necessary. Please enjoy the cooling and refreshing feeling Coagresh gives you.
Can I use Coagresh instead of brushing my teeth?
Coagresh is used as a mouthwash to clean your mouth, but using it together with brushing is an even more effective way of cleaning the inside of your mouth. Try using Coagresh by itself, and then combining it with brushing to see the difference for yourself. * Regular brushing is extremely important for your oral health. We do not recommend using Coagresh as an alternative to brushing.
Can Coagresh remove tobacco stains?
No cleansing agent is included in Coagresh, so it cannot remove stains. However, it removes the smell of tobacco very effectively.
Will Coagresh whiten my teeth?
Coagresh does not include any cleansing agents or ingredients which erode teeth, so it has no whitening effect.
Will Coagresh stain my teeth?
Coagresh is completely water soluble (it does not contain any oil), and is processed so it will not stain your teeth, but depending on how frequently you use it, it may stain scratches on the enamel of your teeth, or materials such as resin. We recommend rinsing your mouth with water after using Coagresh. Any discoloration of your toothbrush or basin can be easily removed using water.
Does Coagresh have an expiration date?
As Coagresh contains natural botanical ingredients, please use with within one to two months of opening.
There is some sediment in my Coagresh, what should I do?
As Coagresh contains natural botanical ingredients including tea leaf extracts, sediment may occasionally form. This is normal, and does not indicate a problem with the product or product safety.



Product Description

Name Coagresh (Mouthwash/Liquid Toothpaste)
Quantity 240 ml
Main Ingredients

Water, tea leaf extract, glycerin, xylitol, Japanese honeysuckle leaf extract, menthol,

ethanol, betaine, lemon juice, sodium hydroxide, tea catechins, citric acid,

caramel coloring, stevia leaf/stem extract, sodium benzoate, melia azadirachta leaf extract,

butylene glycol, ascorbic acid, trehalose, morinda citrifolia extract


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